Plan Your T-Day

STEP ONE: Set a date to start

T-DAY means Treatment Day – when you treat your storage with Slurry Gold. Here is a simple 4 step process to follow making sure you get the most from your Slurry Gold.

It should be a regular feature in your farming calendar. The date is up to you, but the best time is when the storage tanks have been emptied and are beginning to be used again. On most farms this is usually twice in the year.

T-DAY 1:

October, usually when slurry ban has been imposed and cattle are being housed for the winter.

T-DAY 2:

Spring, after tanks have been emptied, and the subsequent slurry is to be used for 2nd cut regrowth.

STEP TWO: How much do you need?

Calculate the capacity of your tank(s) when it will be full. Length (ft) x Breadth (ft) x Depth (ft) x 6.25 = Number of gallons 1kg of SLURRY GOLD treats 100,000 gallons of slurry.

SLURRY GOLD comes in three sizes:


This 0.5kg tub treats 50,000 gallons


This 1.5kg tub treats 150,000 gallons


This 2.5kg tub treats 250,000 gallons

STEP THREE: Plan your dosing

SLURRY GOLD only requires one application per 4 mths of storage. If slurry is taken from the tank during this period, a relative re dose will be required.

Slatted tanks:

The aim is to apply SLURRY GOLD across as much of the tank as possible. Split the tank into 10,000 gallon segments (a standard bay (15x12x8) is 9,000 gallons). Treat each segment with 100g of SLURRY GOLD diluted into 20L of clean water. Disperse the diluted solution ac ross the top of the slats as much as possible. Repeat this across all parts of the tank. The dilution rate can be increased to improve coverage.

Slurry Store/Lagoon:

Where slurry is frequently transferred from a small tank to a lagoon or store, instead of treating the tank, SLURRY GOLD can be added each time the transfer happens. Calculate the amount of slurry being transferred, and dose accordingly before pumping ( 100 g per 20L of clean water for 10,000 gallons).

Retrospective Treatment:

SLURRY GOLD can be applied to tanks already in use.
To achieve best results, tanks should be treated 3months before emptying.

STEP FOUR: After emptying

Once you have emptied or taken a significant amount of slurry from the tank, it will now depend on how that tank will be used next.

If it is to become dormant (no more cattle feeding into it) it can be left until it will be used again.

If it will continue to be used, the tank should be re-treated as per the volume of slurry that has just been removed.

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