"A beef & sheep farmer, Desmond starting using Slurry Gold to help with a problematic tank and ease its management. “It has certainly helped, we didn't have any blockages and mixing was greatly reduced”.

Desmond Millar, Sligo







“We have seen definite savings in fertiliser use. Last years second cut didn’t need any nitrogen at all. As part of our contracting business we use an umbilical system, so having the slurry solid free saves us a lot of time and diesel!”

William Lee, Fermanagh (Milks 100 cows and is a contractor)




"Easier slurry management is always an important factor when you have a lot of it to manage. Slurry Gold has certainly helped in that aspect. Treating our tanks have now a permanent slot in our calendar”.

Montgomery Bros, Eglinton (Milks 600 cows)






"Worth it for the savings in mixing alone."

Reggie Golligher, Strathroy (Milks 100 cows)









"We definitely saw improved grass growth with thicker swards from using Slurry Gold. Even when it was spread, the more rapid uptake into the ground was very noticeable."

Stuart Young (Milks 120 cows)







George milks over 400 cows in Loanends and is therefore conscious of maximising the efficiency of his enterprise.

“We definitely saw a huge reduction in the mixing, allowing us to spread it much more quickly”.

George Bingham, Antrim






John milks 100 cows in Derrylin, Co Fermangh.

“I found a big improvement in mixing and uptake in the ground. The grass was a lot more palatable than usual.”

J Rutledge, Derrylin







“It just makes the whole idea of managing your slurry so much easier. Much less mixing, no odours and easier to manage. We definitely saw improved grass growth and given current fertilise prices, a much needed help”.

Norman & Garth Kee, Trillick (Milks 120 cows)






"Managing slurry was always a difficulty for us as stock would have to be continually moved. Slurry Gold has definitely made that job easier. At first I was unsure if there would be improved growth, but we definitely saw improved uptake after our first cut”.

Charles Kane, Balintoy (Beef farmer)






“We have used Slurry Gold for over three years and it has definitely done the job. It helps keep our contractor costs down as they have less down time.”

Hugh Finnegan & Partners, Portaferry (Dairy)